My equity less than zero

Discussion in 'Trading' started by coszhengb, May 10, 2004.

  1. my equity is less than Zero due .

    but why do not the borker force to close my position before my equity less than zero?
  2. traderob


    If you are trading with a not full electronic broker they might take minutes to realise your balance is declining to dangerous levels. Perhaps by the time they close your positions it is too late.

    Or if you held overnight and had limit down several days in a row this might happen too- (not sure if you could still go minus with IB in this case, anyone know?)
  3. cvds16


    why you dont take responsibility ?
  4. Since you fail to take responsibility for your position yourself, it wouls come as no surprise to discover that you are less than zero. In more than just money. You will still be liable for all your losses, so just for once I suggest to take affirmative action, then leave the trading arena to others that can handle it.

    Good bye
  5. Actually this is not my fault.
    on May 6 , my enqity is less than 400 and receive a margin call.
    my J-trade account is disabled and all position will be forced to closed .

    Yes, it is no problem. My Jtrade account had been disabled.

    But next day May 7 , In RCG R.A.N , I see my account have two short contracts and earn usd 1000. I do not know why. because there should not have any position.

    I have to close(buy) this two contract.

    And on May 8 , the daily statement show me I have two long contracts. and loss more than 1000 usd. It is totally strang.

    That indicate it show wrong position on May 7 . In fact there is no any position on May 7.

    The platform wrong information let me put wrong contract.
    Who take the resposibility?
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    this is not even worth going into:either you know your position or you dont. If you do you should have complained about the wrong position in your trading platform. If you dont you are the only one responsible. Whatever you are writing above does not make any sense at all. Maybe its because english is not your native language (neither is it mine), but this does not make sense.
  7. Definately take what I say as gospel. Get out of trading before you hurt yourself.