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  1. Impressive, I know :D !
  2. So what happened in December 06? You lost in one month more than you lost in all the other months of 06 combined? Did you increase your size or what?
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    why are you trading if you don't have a solid method

    oh didn't earn your money

    sorry I asked :p
  4. One bad trade went against me, but I made the newb mistake of holding my losses.
  5. Just do what the big boys do, borrow money from Japan on the cheap and buy up more to lower your cost basis! :p
  6. CM69, I like you. You seem eager to learn and you don't give up. Keep at it. Good luck.
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    Gig, I checked my statements, the trade that I lost so much on was GROW. In fact I thought about buying again on the 30th of April....Down 4.15pts as of now. I dont think I've ever been able to come out of this stock with a profit.
  8. How many trades did you make on GROW that added to that total loss and what was it about this particular stock.. Was this a case of "revenge trading", ie "i have to get my money back from THIS stock"?
  9. I shorted 200 GROW @ 48.50, then gave into the pain and covered at 57.84 (9.34pt loss). No, revenge trading was not part of the trade, however I did try to trade it again on several occations.

    I think we'd all be better traders if we actually saw the 100 dollar bills being burned in front of our faces :D.
  10. Great idea, let me burn a couple of hundred $ bills in memory of your GROW trade right now...

    On that GROW trade, did you have an initial stop loss when you entered the trade, if so what was it?
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