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  1. I am developing an EA that will:
    1-generate 1-5% daily
    2-DD% max 25%
    3-trades 1000-2500 trades per day on only one instrument
    4-profit trades % (70-85%)

    Seems crazy but i have the prototype and i am fine tuning it now.

    Very interesting process. However, if you know the best fx broker for such an EA please share.
  2. may I ask what chart time will you be using for this. This is beyond scalping this is comparable to nanosecond spread betting.

    Maybe the 1 min chart with a robot can handle this maybe it can not.

    It would be great to see how it turns out.

    Not the way I trade but there are some major hedge funds that do quant nano second scalping so what you say is not crazy but they used multi million dollar advanced post doctorate mathematics. Almost theatrical mathematics and if Metatrader or even tradestation is at that level of programming ability at this time good luck who would push the industry forward.

    Testing the boundaries is how we went from an Open Directory Project DMOZ to
  3. The EA was tested on 1min chart. However, it is responding to quotes not to the chart pattern itself. It is my project EA that i know for sure if i try live or even demo, i will find huge changes. Taken into consideration, the execution inefficiencies , slippages , the crazy transactions costs of most MT4 brokers and ..... However, this project is just to show to me the potentiality of my trading system and as you said to test the boundaries. I believe as many believe, the barriers for retail trader are high. The EA , although its code is huge, still in its infancy. Fulll of bugs and even on backtesting, i noticed many things were not handled as expected.

    The way to google, still very difficult and long for me till now. But i am optimistic.
  4. Ok keep us updated over the months even if it does or does not work.

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    Hi mcgene4xpro,

    You have a report or something ?

    You have find your broker ? DMA ? ECN ?

  6. @mcgene4xpro

    I will continue to provide you guidance in this area because it would be cool to see if you could do this.

    First Brokers

    1. Go to

    In the section called trading conditions you would be looking for a MetaTrader broker that allows Scalping and that has FIXED spreads

    I also would suggest that the broker be a (STP) Straight through proccessor as mentioned above Direct Market Access (DMA)

    2. Attached is a spread indicator for MT4 you could play around with it and although you have a fixed spread broker you could set parameters that if the spreads get too wide the strategy does not make a trade
  7. Hi mwingo1135,
    Thank you for the positive feedback and for your sharing ideas /products. However, i do not want to start posting on my EA till i have a concrete proof that this trading behavior could be practically performed and its profitability is really solid. Let us hope for the best and work hard to get there.

    I am expecting i might have a final and comprehensive idea about my ATS in about 3-6 months from now.
    I will keep you updated here..
    Thanks again

  8. Posting my data right now will be premature. So, i am waiting to have some steps ahead then i will try to post and share. This will be more scientific and beneficial for all. I have some backtesting that shows potentiality but still premature to post them here. To post my trade prints even on backtesting is a risky adventure for any system developer.. My opinion. This will challenge the IP of the developer " incase it has potentiality".. From seeing the trade prints, and detailed reports, a pro could easily figure out how it works in general.

    I promise i will post more data and ideas regarding my EA, once it is worthy to share here. I do not want to distract people unless i have something in my hands.

    Finding the suitable broker is not that impossible. The most important thing in my opinion is to have the concrete edge that could practically be consistently profitable. Once you have this edge, it is easier to find the suitable broker..

    However the broker in my mind for now as a retail trader are " DUKASCOPY, InteractiveBrokers, MP trading, Oanda" that is it


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    Update on your developing EA ?

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. MT4 will not handle your the requirements of your EA sufficiently. You would be better off going for a direct access API or something.
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