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que le parece el EA

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  1. si alguien esta interesado en este EA contacteme por mensaje privado



    +380% en 5 meses de prueba en demo
  2. Gcapman


    I can't believe that this moderator is letting this idiot advertise for free !!!
  3. ey ¿quien dejo entrar a mi trhread a este mamon?

  4. update
  5. update
  6. update
  7. Gcapman


    I love how your idea of a detailed statement is a graph

    No evidence of real money having been traded, no account record of trade executions

    Honestly, anyone stupid enough to give you money (which I doubt that anyone is THAT stupid), truly deserves to lose all his savings

    I wish you luck in getting people to give you money -- you obviously need it! :)
  8. F112358


    Real Time update: