My dog Shreddy got run over by a car and I can't sleep

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    nitro :)
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  2. i just played catch with my dog
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  3. Story filed: 08:28 Tuesday 12th November 2002

    Norwegian mother breastfed puppies

    A Norwegian woman breastfed a litter of puppies after their mother died giving birth to them.

    Kine Skiaker, who's 23 and has a three month old baby son, breastfed six of the ten puppies while the other four were given formula milk.

    She fed the puppies over a weekend until other dogs could be found to feed them naturally.

    The puppies are rare Canary dogs, a powerful type of mastiff, which are often bred as guard or even fighting dogs.

    Norwegian daily Aftenposten says Ms Skiaker, of Akershus near Oslo, decided to breastfeed the puppies as she thought they would die without their mother.

    "I was told not to breastfeed them, but I still did what I felt was right," she told the newspaper.

    "Puppies should be fed every three hours but I fed them more often than that. Each time I heard a noise I gave them my breast."

    She fed the puppies, as well as her son Emil, until she and her husband Ivar, with help from a local radio station, managed to find suitable dogs to feed the puppies.

    The ten puppies are now divided between three dogs but the Skiakers still haven't decided whether to keep any once they've been weaned.
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  5. where do you find these things?
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  6. In 8 days I'll be back home in the states... I haven't seen my cat in nearly a year. :D
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    When I leave the house and come back, Shreddy behaves as if I was a long lost friend he hasn't seen in forty years - it doesn't matter how many times he has seen me before that day, it's the same day in and day out for the last two and a half years.

    Before the accident, when he was 100%, he could easily scale almost my entire height. This would get me to get down to greet him, and he usually gave me a bath with so many "lickies [my daughter's terminology for it] to the point where my wife asks me to "hose myself down" before I came to bed - LOL

    nitro :)
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  8. Glad to hear that you're in a pleasant mood. Those little rascals are something aren't they? Shreddy provides you with unconditional love, while Katie provides constant mood swings.... lol. The last time I saw Katie it was over a year since I've seen her, and when I said hi she just looked at me and walked away. For two days she was trying to avoid me, and would wine if I kissed her. After that she was the most sweetest thing in the world... :D I think I'd be good with women don't you think? haha

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  9. Investigative journalists have discovered the truth about Shreddy and his "accident", and the coverup to hide the truth that followed.

    A photo taken by a passerby has surfaced.

    The reports of a Shreddy meeting up with an automobile accident were actually fabrications.

    Shreddy was not rear ended by a car.

    The ASPCA is reviewing the case to decide if charges will be pressed:
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