My dog Shreddy got run over by a car and I can't sleep

Discussion in 'Politics' started by nitro, Nov 1, 2002.

  1. ElCubano


    there are people.. that eat a mop rag covered with breading and fried or the peel of a grapefruit breaded and fried ( to make it as if they were eating a fried breaded steak) . A dog or cat is like fine dining....isnt it nice to live in the USA????
    #41     Nov 4, 2002
  2. stu


    Luxury! I used to dream of mop rag
    #42     Nov 4, 2002
  3. ElCubano


    Huh??? you find it amusing???.........:confused:
    #43     Nov 4, 2002
  4. stu


    You want to fight about it ?
    #44     Nov 4, 2002
  5. ElCubano


    Huh?? Fight??? you dont have the cojones.....

    To find it amusing is sad; but then again we are talking about stu...
    #45     Nov 4, 2002
  6. stu


    You don't know what I have El Catstrated

    but then again that's just you ....
    #46     Nov 4, 2002
  7. ElCubano

    ElCubano ya.......take care sweety...
    #47     Nov 4, 2002
  8. stu


    you too dahling ......

    just a thought on this thread though, I was thinking it displays a marked and noticeable deficit in noetic balance causing an inability to maintain a sensible quotient between the significance of a domesticated animal kept for companionship or amusement and the separate and distinctive values more normally and appropriately reserved and applied to members of Hominidae.

    You gotta laugh. :D
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  9. As Gordon G's Mom might say''I am sorry'':cool:

    A practical suggestion from a friend.
    Cut your losses + get another dog from the same sector.

    And you might ''call him another name ''; like Reward , or red or Barak or Greenie.:cool:
    #49     Nov 5, 2002
  10. Was his name Shreddy before the accident?
    #50     Nov 5, 2002