My dog Shreddy got run over by a car and I can't sleep

Discussion in 'Politics' started by nitro, Nov 1, 2002.

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    those things can be pretty rough to go through with pets. I had to put my 17 year old cat to sleep in April. I cried like a baby! It was rough for my 4 year old daughter. I had to keep explaining to her that he was asleep and would never wakeup.:(
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  2. We think of our 8-year-old cat as family - alwasy have.

    That story where those rednecks barbecued that cat and stood around and laughed - I was so mad I wanted to barbecue those fuckers' balls myself. Some people are truly sick specimens.

    Good to hear Shreddy's doing better. We're pulling for you . . . .
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    My wife saw this and started giggling...

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    Hehehehe, she liked this too.

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    When we were in the Vet Emergency Room, there were three families that came in, one after the other, with very old cats rapped in a blanket - all very red eyed. They went in with the cat, and they came out without one.

    Some came out of the room much better, at peace with themselves...Others looked as grim as when they went in...

    We react to things so differently, non "better" than the other...Sometimes I forget this...

    nitro :( :(
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    Thanks for the kind words.

    There are people that eat dogs and cats - it is repulsive to me. I know that Indians regard cows as sacred, and we must look like the bottom of the pit to them too...

    I love vegetarian food - there is a vegetarian budhist place near where I live - delicious! However, they have had to go "some meat" in order to stay in business...

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  7. and how about those repulsive lions and tigers... all that raw meat..erghh...

    (and as for the indians... say no more.. the height of lunacy..)
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    glad to hear that shreddy is going to pull through, must be a huge relief for you and your family:)

    i stopped eating meat a couple of years ago, just didn't "feel" right any more.


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  9. :D

    thats love for sure

    i'm glad to hear Shreddy is going to pull through.. :)
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    Surgeon just called. Said that the surgery went GREAT. He said that Shreddy woke up a little less than 5 minutes after he turned off the gas and was pretty alert - he said that was pretty unusual. I told him that he is an "inny" [dogs are either innies or outies, depending on whether they like to sleep under the covers or outside of them] and since he sleeps with us in our bed, he is used to a LOT of gas, so I was not surprised.

    Hehe, he was cracking up....

    nitro :D :D
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