My dog Shreddy got run over by a car and I can't sleep

Discussion in 'Politics' started by nitro, Nov 1, 2002.

  1. nitro, sorry to hear about Shreddy. Today, and perhaps even next week, would not be a good time to trade. My $10k blowup day in August was just after hearing bad news about my 2 dogs. Long story.

    Previous posts contain good advice - just try keeping the guilt factor to a minimum.
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  2. Sorry Nitro... hope your Shreddy gets better.
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  3. Nitro,

    I hope your dog makes a speedy recovery. If worse comes to worse, don't beat yourself over it -- things happen in life that we never expect. Focus on the good times and smile -- there is always a better place in the future.
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  4. Nitro -

    My cat escaped a few years ago, for 2 days. I couldn't concentrate on anything that weekend. I know what you're going through.

    The best wishes to you and Shreddy,

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  5. This site really has gone to the cats & the dogs.
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  6. nitro


    trdrmac, Andy62279, Lightningsmurf, marketsurfer, vvv, Mr. Subliminal, XGGTrader, aphexcoil, Tech Analysis:

    Thanks for all the kind words - they really helped me get thru this mess.

    Shreddy is going to live! He is badly bruised all over his body, with skin just showing in some places and no fur. He is on potent drugs though, and he looks high.

    We went to visit him at the hospital and we brought him a whole chicken - he didn't even look at it and looked pretty depressed, which is BIZARRE if you know my dog. But after a little talking and cajoling, he started gobbling it up and he perked up a little bit.

    He is going into surgery tomorrow (Saturday) for four hours to fix both sides of his pelvic bone - one side was pretty badly beat up but will just require "pushing back" the leg into the socket and putting in a pin, and possibly removing small fragments. The other will require most of the work as it has to be reconstructed.

    Fortunately, there are no chest contusions, liver or spleen damage, no back or lung or kidney or colon or bladder damage. That is, at least as far as the X-Rays show - the surgeon will know better when he opens him up tomorrow, but he looked me straight in the eye and said he would be very surprised to find anything else. We were very lucky he was hit in the hind quarters only - the rest of the bruises look like the after effects from rolling on pavement when he was thrown.

    They will be putting in metal plates and other parts in him. We were joking with him that as of tomorrow, we should start calling him the $6,000,0000 dog.

    I can't believe the courage of this little 23 pound Jack Russell. The doctor said that the equivalent accident on him or me would have very likely killed us.

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  7. DaveN


    nitro, that's great news! It's amazing what those little buggers can show us about courage and determination.

    My wife and I have three million dollar pets: two dogs and one cat. All are adopted, all started out with us as real bargains..."financially." Now, many years later, through sickness and our share of mishaps, each have achieved that six figure status.:D

    We wouldn't change a thing, either.
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  8. good to see your dog lived. losing a pet is very sad. i've had dogs for pets my whole life. i'm nice to animals. i don't even kill bugs if i don't have to...and i don't eat meat either.

    whenever i hear a story on tv where someone beat a dog to death or something, i want to beat the fuck out of the person that did it. cuz you know they'd cry like a bitch if they were treated the way they treated the animal.
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  9. Glad to hear about your dog making a recovery! The guy is tough and is only getting better each hour!

    He's on the animal equivalent of vicodin. Tell the kennel to pipe some Pink Floyd to his cage and he'll be chillin' out and cool maxin' royalty style.

    Hell, I'll play in the highway for that treatment.
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  10. Are you a vagatarian?
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