My Decade of Progress

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  1. Year One: Believe TA

    Year Two: Backtest and Trade TA

    Year Three: Refund Your Account

    Year Four: Believe Jack Hershey

    Year Five: Refund Your Account

    Year Six: Look for Other Ideas on ET

    Year Seven: Refund Your Account

    Year Eight: Believe Your Intuition

    Year Nine: Refund Your Account

    Year Ten: Code, Test and Trade Insane Ideas

    Year Eleven: Overcome System Trading Boredom
  2. Funny thats pretty close to my history, give or take a couple of deviations.

    Except mine would start...

    Year 1: Make 1100% trading Networking stocks during the dotcom bubble


    but after that its almost the same.
  3. Hahahahaha! My story is that I made a ton of money on dead cat bounces because nobody could believe it was really as bad as it appeared to be.
  4. What year did you become a "detractor"?
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    whats an example of an "insane idea". not asking for too much info, just curious what would what kind of trading is categorized like that
  6. I forget. But I wasted a significant part of my nonrenewable mental resources parsing the method and backtesting the pieces. Likely it was in 2004. I'm a slow learner.
  7. I wonder how many victims Jack has...
  8. Year Twelve: Sell my systems to somebody else at "Year One". :cool:
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    So Arthur, did you end up making any real money? :confused:
  10. I've done nearly 10 yrs will be 10 in October. Self taught,surrounded by skeptics.
    The amount of time is incredible to most people, I'd be called a fanatic if they new.
    Suffered two heart attacks in the last three years , three angioplasties ...Futures can be quite the rollercoaster which is what I've traded the most- my fault ,should of had a treadmill earlier.
    I am now trying to stop myself from daytrading-swing holds will replace them, longer term plays. I would not have done it any other way, I love the markets- the potential that they hold keeps me at them and the time I put in makes it seem silly to quit now besides every now and then I grow to my next level and I find new confidence in my acquired ability.
    I am not a people person so trading at a computer alone or with my dog is right up my alley as well.(all nighters included)
    I started by reading the Toronto Star quotes and buying what was going up, first two trades turned out well and I never stopped from there. Trading 43.00 cdn per side commissions at Waterhouse in Canada in 2000 not like today at I.B makes it a little easier. So much more..
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