my day trading method averages 5% per month 8 months now

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  1. all good.

    Low stress,
    Clear rules,
    Low draw downs,
    Doesn't trade every day.
    Usually in and out just once.
    Doesn't need constant screen watching as long as i can se prices every half an hour or so.

    It's about the best way to day trade I have come across.

    I do not really enjoy day trading but means must. I have tried other businesses and lost money every time. The grass isn't always greener.

    So...i am thinking of getting a few (<10) big investors in or trying to. NO.I am not solicatating funds here. I will not trade U.S.A. money.(no offence but your Government is too full of B*S* when it comes to managing cash.)

    Any thoughts?
  2. 8 months might be a bit soon to get outsiders to invest, but perhaps some people you know might be interested.

    What you trade can make a difference, too, since not all instruments are equally scalable. I'm sure you know that, but you did ask for thoughts.
  3. 5% per month?! :eek: :confused: :p

    Sorry mate but that is actually a shameful and pityfully low % return of profit!! LOL

    If you were generating 5% per week (20% per month), and were doing that every single week, 50+ weeks per year,
    THEN you would be classed as a ''moderately skillful'' trader.

    You still wouldn't even be close to being an expert or highly skilled, but would atleast be moderately good.

    However if you are scraping by on just 5% per month you really need to go back and do ALOT more research into trying to develop and improve your stratergy that will give you a decent % return.
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    ... is this sarcasm?
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    Can you spare a billion spanish89? With your numbers, you wouldn't even notice it's gone.
  6. No its not sarcasm, was completely and totally serious.
    Sorry, but 5% per month is pityful!!

    Seriously, if you have £10,000 capital and yet you are only able to make £500 net profit per month from that you are doing an extremely poor job in trading!

    When i had 10k capital i was generating £500 - £1,500 net profit from that PER DAY, every single day, for dozens and dozens of days in a row.

    (Don't take my word for it, read my 1,200page journal where i livecalled inadvance each and every one of those trades for weeks and months.

    And so sorry but if you have £10,000 and yet you are merely earning £500 profit per month from that,
    you are barely more than a newbie.

    And especially if that 10k is spare money,
    not money which you need to actually withdraw every weke to pay for rent, food and living costs,
    but yet you still can only earn 5% profit per month from it, you may as well just giveup trading and find a job that you are actually skilled at! :)
  7. Even if you are merley investing, so not even trading with any leverage,
    5% is nothing more than 2 days worth of typical movement in any commodity/indicies!! LOL

    I specialise in crude oil, which has a typical daily range of 4% everyday!

    And so out of 30days per month,
    all you need to do is make 1 trade in the correct intraday-trend on 1 single day out of any of those 30 available days,
    and you would make 5% profit! :)

    So anyone who believes that merely being correct 1day of 30 is some kind of 'sucess' is almost delusional!
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    about what? performance,low stress,low draw downs,whatever or co investors? managing cash is a piece of cake..

    5% phhhey...and i'm not taking any money from anyone..and never did..cause at this rate you will be king in couple years..just like me ;)

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    What are you trading?
  10. Yeah ok Spanish 99 i have heard it a lot over the years..making 500%+ per day ertc...LOL. Been there heard it....
    Peple like you ar ethe kind that run red liughts every day and wonder what the problem is until ONE DAY! WHAM!

    And it's all about risk. Sure you could treade higher leverage and go for 10% returns but then you'll hit bigger drawdowns and should know this.

    You sound like a complete newbie forex trader actually! And 5% per month is MORE than enough.

    $10k....get a job at Mcdonalds.
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