My dangerous Visa "V" play

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by bearnbull, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. I never really hold anything on earnings, but this one I'm going for it. All my indicators are pointing up. I'm in at $71.35. Any opinions?? :(
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    If your afraid of some risk then i would take your profit but i'm in for some more time bought in at 59.50.
  3. You got in on Friday afternoon to hold over the weekend?
  4. Actually made the move right after American Express beat earnings.
  5. Never had a chance to get in at that price. Too busy taking advantage of the market's volatility.
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    Well... being a new IPO, I'd imagine it is OK to hold over earnings. I usually hedge myself as well.. Paid dearly for my GOOG hedge. Sold a call against my stock.. ouch!! I will sit on my V shares as well, without a hedge. You could of course sell a OTM call. But if it goes through the roof, you miss out

  7. I got long a bunch of the Visa May 80 calls (VEP's) today and I am thinking of selling them right before earnings on I am somewhat nervous about their earnings. Of course if I sell they will put up excellent earnings and the stock will gap up out of control tuesday morning.

    Who is holding stock or option positions thru earnings?
  8. I can't imagine the earnings being that bad, so I'm not selling.
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    I also believe holdings id OK. Look at the increasing volume and large blocks being traded. Bullish indication.
  10. My call: They will beat the earnings by not much but the forcast and outlook will be really good and it will drive the numbers to go up--Low $80's,--gap up between $81.00-$83.00. These guys have more transactions than AXP and MA combined.
    Just my opinion...of course-Been wrong many times in this things.:)
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