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  1. Hi,

    I'm going to post here live my daily trading signals over CFDs and Forex, at least during some months. A few trades per month easy to track as they are generated at the end of each trading day. I will post them around 22 GMT only if I have any signal to open or close a trade. I average 5% - 10% montly profit so I can expect a performance around 100% per year. You must execute the signals with 1:1 ( no leverage ) or 1:2 leverage, so with a 100k account trade each call with 100k or 200k amount.

    I'm not trading for living because I don't have an account of 100K.
  2. With a profile of 5-10% a month, it would take only a few months to develop some significant asset size. Even if you started with a small account.


    In general, when folks have shown up here with this kind of claim, it has ALWAYS turned out to be a complete train wreck.


    If/when you do crash and burn, I am sure someone here will nominate you for ET's "Fantasy Traders Hall of Fame".

    Can't wait.

  3. Hi Steve46, always there's a first time. And this post will be the first for you to see profitable signals. Only be patient. I'm not going to answer anymore such kind of replies. Simply sit down, wait and see ( and execute if you want some money :) )
  4. Hi,

    Sell COMCAST @ 34.99

    Sell Royal Dutch Shell @ 27.84
  5. Hi

    Shorts executed, Comcast sold @ 34.99 Royal Dutch Shell sold at 27.84

    No new signals for today 25-08-06, so hold both shorts.
  6. Hi

    Sell EXXON MOBIL @ 70.34

    Hold the other two shorts, Comcast and Royal Dutch placing a limit order to close the trade on Royal Dutch Shell @ 27.50
  7. VictorS


    how about including the stock symbols? the royal dutch I see trades @$73.19. Comcast @$25.55.
  8. Hi,

    The Royal Dutch Shell shorts closed @ 27.50

    Hold shorts on Comcast

    Order to go short on Exxon Mobil not executed, so we try again :

    Sell EXXON MOBIL @ 70.40

    Book of closed trades

    Royal Dutch shell Short 27.84 closed 27.50 + 1.22%

    VictorS : I don't know where you see these prices : For example check these links :
  9. Hi,

    Shorts on Exxon Mobil not executed so remove the order.

    Hold shorts on Comcast

    Two new long signals :

    Buy Newmont Mining @ 51.00

    Buy Halliburton @ 33.51

    Book of closed trades

    Royal Dutch shell Short 27.84 closed 27.50 + 1.22%
  10. Hi,

    We are:

    long Newmont Mining @ 51.00
    long Halliburton @ 33.51
    Short Comcast @ 34.99

    Place limits on Newmont Mining @ 52.24, on Comcast @ 34.45

    And for today 31-08-06 place an order to :

    Sell Bellsouth @ 40.84

    Book of closed trades

    Royal Dutch shell Short 27.84 closed 27.50 + 1.22%
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