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    Results of June 01 2006
  2. If you don't mind me inquiring, what exactly are you trading?

    Good job.
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    As my handle suggests - I daytrade the e-mini s & p...
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    I will try to summarize my daily trades as below :

    NT ( Number of trades ) :

    CT ( Total number of contracts for the day )

    LT ( largest # contracts for any given trade )

    W/L/BE ( win, loss. breakeven )

    Will also try to post Entry/Exit- prices and times .
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    Daily Trading Plan -

    I will try to post it when i am ready for the day . Usually between 9 - 9.30 am.

    My plan is for daytrades. I do not hold positions overnight - even if the charts suggest so.

    This plan is based on Market/Price action of charts on various time frames. For analysis highest time frame is the daily, lowest is the 3 min.

    However the highest time frame I use to fine-tune my entry/exit during trading hrs is the 15 min. Lowest is the 1 min.

  6. Hello,

    I hope this helps you as much as it has me, I seem to do much better when I feel everyone is watching. When its just me myself and I, I have a tendency to lose focus.

    Its like when I do bench press alone I struggle to lift 225 five times. But is someone is watching I can to 9-10 reps. Its all physiological.

    Good Luck!
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    Trading Overview Friday June 02 2006 :

    Support - 1279 - 1277

    Resistance - 1296 - 1298

    Planned Trades : short with 4 pt stop into resistence
    long with 2 pt stop into support

    Will also be looking for low risk scalps on both sides between these areas depending on how the setups present themselves as the trading day unfolds.
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    Results of June 02 2006
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    Given May was a screwy month for most of us can you post your P & L for the month of May. If you dont I can understand.

  10. Excellent work!
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