My dad poisoned me with 60's music

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  1. I am only 25 but I'm sitting here listening to Steely Dan because my dad played all these damn records when I was a kid and I grew up with way too much 60's and early 70's music!!!!!

  2. what music do you normally listen to? i'm 24 and very into music.

  3. You're 24? Now I understand why you have no religion. You're too young and into the immature things in life to get a grip on the real meaning of life.
  4. Oh Sweet Jesus!!! What the hell does Steely Dan have to do with religion...??

    By the way, I like Steely Dan, although I only have "Can't Buy A Thrill." Great recording. I especially dig "Dirty Work." Was a thing in college. We'd all sing it whenever it came on in the bar.
  5. don't be so sure...
  6. Gordon,

    I love just about everything except country. Some of my favorite groups include everything from:

    The Beatles
    Rolling Stones
    The Eagles
    Fleetwood Mac
    Dire Straits
    The Cars
    The Doors
    London Beat ("I've been Thinking about you")
    Level 42
    Notorious BIG
    The Who
    The Beach Boys
    Electric Light Orchestra


    and the list goes on and on. I have around 8,000 MP3's on my hard-drive. 5/6'ths of them were obtained from Napster before the RIAA swooped in.

  7. i use kazaa lite now.
  8. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. :cool:

  9. Hey, you don't owe any apologies for the 60's and 70's music interest. There are those of us who were enjoying that in the live mode during those years who would say you have good taste. I often wonder what happened to music in the last ten or so years. A great deal of it is really a stretch.

    There are so many remakes, remixes and covers it ain't funny. And many groups have no music capability other than looping or sampling the music from those very years because they don't play any instruments. :)
  10. Well, I'm a little older than 24, but the list above looks pretty good to me. Stones, Eagles, Grateful Dead, Clapton, and to keep things humorous, Jimmy Buffett. And, yes, I do like a little Country at times as well...Willie Nelson especially.

    We'll be at the Stones concert in Vegas this Fall...."The Antiques Roadshow" tour....

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