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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Andrea Wylan, Mar 31, 2020.

  1. Andrea Wylan

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    Here is my current video on fear and a tool to help deal with it. Tip--this helps your trading success over time. It is a tool I use with most of my trader clients.

    (I may do a followup with more detailed instructions.)

    I am available for a free consultation on the specifics of your trading, or even to discuss how to use this tool effectively and / or how to get through these next weeks or moths!

  2. RedDuke


    Hi Andrea, welcome to the forum. Best of luck! I hope you do teach your students that unless they develop a system with positive expectancies no amount of positive thinking or psychology will help.
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  3. Andrea Wylan

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    Thank you for the welcome RedDuke and your opinion on things. My clients have been successful in making needed changes so they can trade without (or with less) emotion and follow their plan and become profitable.
  4. The way to deal with fear is to stop being a sissy.
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  5. maxinger


    Good to see sponsor who is trader's mind specialist.

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  6. Andrea Wylan

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    Curt, watch my video on being kind to yourself. :)
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  7. Andrea Wylan

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    Thanks Maxinger!
  8. I just wish I was less fearful in general life.
  9. Andrea Wylan

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    Hi Vegasdesert. Me too! The more you allow yourself to feel the fear in your body the more it can start to dissipate. (I think I’ll do a video on how to do this.) It’s a really powerful process and it works! I think usually we're mostly running away from fear . . .and it just perpetuates it. It’s the human condition!
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  10. If you're trading with fear then you are trading with too much money on the line. There is no other way to put that. If you have that much money on the line then you are going to make irrational decisions. You have to find your comfort zone and stick with it until you are ready to trade with more
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