My crazy stocks that keep going up, why? Is it Bitcoin?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by JesseJamesFinn1, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. I've been carrying some crazy stocks because they keep going up and my basis is pretty cool. OSTK, SQ, XNET. Their highly crowded and was wondering if anyone else is trading or carrying these stocks.
  2. If all of your picks are as good as these, you should be rich by Thursday!
  3. I'm in SQ...bearish on it today and Friday for the first time since getting in back in June...Pretty sure we'll see $40 on this one before $50...even the logarithmic chart looks like overbought momentum.
  4. any mention of these in your port before today?

    I'm long BRK since 1967
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  5. Yes on StockTwits, you looking for a free ride?
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  6. Sadly, even though I have a strong stomach (I'm here, right?) the assinity on Stocktwits is beyond my ability to process.
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  7. Lots of creepy stocks making New Highs, been trading MARK, bought 1500@ $9.09 to see if we hit $10.00 Its a crazy stock, probably better to trade TWTR.

  8. Their dangerous Pumps, so its not advised to play unless your use to wild trading.
  9. the pumpers that bawt at 4 thank you for turkey dinner
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  10. just sell mgti till its under 90c
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