My contribution to ET: Buy ICE

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by polpolik, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Looking good. Great support at 80. Barring any catasrophic event (alien invasion, godzilla attacks), ICE is a good swing trade right here.
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  2. spinn


    When it breaks below the "support" at 80, the next support is 50.

    The next support below that is 0.

    0 is not good.
  3. ICE won't hit zero. You can trust me on that. And obviously, when I say strong support at 80, Any point below that is where a stop would be placed.
  4. Still holding ICE from 84.50 ~ 10% gain in 2 weeks. Looking for 100+ by next week or week after with stop at 89.80.

  5. Nice Pol.
  6. NoDoji


    ICE on 8/20 was an awesome call! I had them on my hot list along with FLR, FWLT and TEX that day. I chose to trade TEX and FWLT and made nearly $9K so far; but ICE was the best pick of all. The chart and buying volume look like they'll lead you to even more profits. :cool:
  7. ICE at 97.50+

    I got stopped out under 90 the other day but got back in at $91. Took half off at 97.

    I'll let jesus be my guide the rest of the way :)
  8. Coolio


    Good call on ICE .. it kept coming up on my searches but I didn't have the nads to do it.

    Maybe I'll wait for a pull back as this thing has broken a 30 day mov average and the fundies look good,