My conclusion as to why muslim countries dont help their brothers

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  1. Well in the last thread I started I posted the question as to why the oil rich muslim countries do not give considerable aid to the palestinians, while they constantly talk about their plight and oppression.

    Not one of the usual suspects posted an answer, however wael at least posted, but as usual it was the rantings of lunatic and had nothing to do with my question.

    I have therefore concluded that the the rest of the muslim world (at least those countries with the means) view their palestinian brethren as second class muslims whose only use is suicide bombings and fodder for their rhetoric on the evils of Israel.
  2. au contraire my zionist friend. I really think that it is the other way around!

    Allow me to elaborate. You see, when The Catholic Irish bombed in mainland Britain, no one said the we should bomb Rome or Italy for that matter.

    When Protestants threw hand grenades in a semitary during a funeral of a Catholic, no one said we should kill Protestants.
    When Basque para militaries bombed in Spain, no one said that Catholicism is a deranged religion and therefore we should finish them off.

    When Christians in Kenya, set churches ablaze in an attempt to kill other Christian refugees in these churches, no one said that Christianity is a deranged religion.

    When Jews planted a truck full of explosives in front of an all girls school in an attempt to kill as many children as they can, no one said that Judaism is a deranged religion.

    When a Jew goes into a mosque and with his machine gun spray worshipers resulting in the death of 28 including 11 children, no one said that this is a deranged religion.

    When you build a shrine for such a killed and idolize him as a hero, no one said that Judaism is a deranged religion.
    When Tamil tigers did and still do suicide bombing, no one said that we should kill all Hindus.

    When Hindus burn down Christian and Muslim villages, no one said Hinduism is a deranged religion.

    Now...Why is Islam a deranged religion and why many of you feel compelled to bomb Mecca and kill as many Muslims as possible???
    Very simple, The Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Christians and others are people without a powerful zionist lobby like the one zionists have.

    You see my zionist friend, when 9/11 happened, the zionists paused and thought..."Wait a Minute, why not use this to our advantage! We will liken the Palestinian people's struggle against us to that of the criminals who did 9/11. Every time the Palestinians scream in pain, we will turn to the Americans and ask them not to mind these Palestinians. But for us to do that, we have to keep the Western world as charged as possible against them Palestinians. How Are we going to do it??? By constantly hammering the idea that all Muslims are deranged and by proxy, the Palestinians, who happened to be mostly Muslims are also deranged."

    So look away my Westerner friend, look away. You see my zionist friend, the way I look at it, it is us Palestinians who victimized the Muslims and Arab worlds for having the audacity to stand up to you!

    It is the Muslim and Arab world that are being used by you in an attempt to create a justification for your crimes against the Palestinians.

    You have a nice day my zionist friend.
  3. The sad part is that the Palestinians know that and it's absolutely fine with them. They are willing participants.
  4. SteveD


    I would like the retarded Muslim to show ONE good thing that Islam has accomplished in 2000 years.....

    Just ONE......

  5. If no one will say it, then I will say it.

    Christianity: deranged
    Judaism: deranged
    Hinduism: deranged
    Islam: deranged
    Palestinians: deranged

    Solutions are not forthcoming from the same level of mind that made the problem.
    See also insane and mad and man.

  6. A few billion $ is nothing for them. Doesnt it make you angry that instead of giving the palestinians and inflow of some needed funds, they would rather just condemn Israel?

    By the way oh the toy boy of his mother, have you managed to squeeze some time to ask your master dddooo why is it OK for Jews to plant bombs in front of girls schools??? Or why is it OK to build shrines for a killer who massacred 28 worshipers including 11 children? How about why is it OK to kill, in the name of a relegion, your own prime minister for daring to reach out and attempting to strike peace with the Palestinians.

    Can You ask him please? That is if you have time in between sucking his cock and kissing his ass.
  8. Not at all! As much as it does not make me angry that the US should not feel compelled to donate similar Billions to another devestated country in Latin America just because they happened to be Christian.

    It is fine with me if you want to promote hate against islam to promote your own zionist agenda. But at least...Be smart about it zionist boy.
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    Silly response....

    Amateurish self-serving writings meant for the Islamic masses...

    Islam is a cancer on humanity....

    It is not the US that is going to destroy it......China, Russia or India will do that.....

    But, do understand this, for the rest of the world population to survie Islam has to be destroyed.....

    No different than fighting a cancer in your body....either destroy it or it will destroy you.....


  10. Another Jew. This forum is filled to the gills with 'em. Picking them gets pretty easy after a while.
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