my computers have been lagging for the last week now about 2 hours before the close.

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by howardy2k, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. I checked the network and its fine. Any suggestion????

    system: 3 monitors, xp1800, 760 ram
  2. but I keep my time correct using Dimension 4, a nice piece of software that synchronizes my puter's clock with atomic clocks on the Internet. Perhaps that would help...
  3. sorry, what i meant was that my system bogs down quite abit toward the close.
  4. Maybe it's not a problem with your computers but rather with your data provider.
  5. opm8



    Check your Task Manager when things bog down. You can order the processes by CPU and memory usage. This will usually pinpoint the culprit.

  6. nitro


    Does the disk begin to "grind" like crazy? It is hard to say...what applications do you have running? Try shutting down one application at a time, and notice if that helps after each app. If that gets the computer responsive again, you may have an app with a memory or resource leak.