My computer is a piece of sh*t!!

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  1. Right now I have 38 processes running, and the only thing i have open right now is my browser...WTF?..

    1) iexplorer.exe alone is using 167,456 k of memory!!

    2) Windows are taking for ever to load

    3) Last night my AV software said "scanning out going mail"... WHAT out going mail? not sending any messages..fucking worms?

    4) When I opened this browser, my CPU usage spiked to over 50%...JUST to open a effing browser window.

    Can someone tell me what the hell is going on with my computer?..I'd call Geeksquad, but I'd have to sell mortgage my house just to pay them :mad:

  2. GTS


    Open tcp 3389, send me your userid,password and IP address and I'll take a look (j/k)

    Lots of processes arent necessarily a problem. Your A/V software reporting scanning outgoing email when you arent sending any is though.
  3. Yeah, they can be a reall pain.

    These guys might be able to help.

    Computer Overhauls

  4. Cash;

    When was the last time you scanned for virii, spys, etc? You need to do it NOW! (The email scan is a tipoff, imo)

    Also, as for your processes, look to see if you have multiple winlogon.exe listed. If so, it could be a Rootkit virus.

    Use this for Rootkit detection, REGARDLESS of your AV proggie...

    FWIW; AVG has a free Rootkit detector too(not the same download as AVG Free), It detects, but doesn't clean, *I think*

    Good luck,
  5. Just for fun and giggles you might want to install Zone Alarm and monitor or confirm what is leaving you PC. I run these programs for protection:

    Avast-set to high
    Spyware Blaster-manually update frequent
    Spyware Blaster-only one I paid for
    Spybot-manually update frequent
    Adaware-" "
    Advanced Windows Care-you get the point
    Lynksys Router with NAT-plan to upgrade to router with SPI soon, prob. dual wan

    I know I shouldn't surf on a trading computer, but I think I am pretty well protected. And I don't use ZA because it cut my download speed in half.

    I would like to learn how to program my router to lock it down for more security.
  6. Agreed.

    Probably stating the obvious, but have you cleared your temp files lately? Browser cache? Run anything like Adaware?
  7. no but i have like 5 of these programs running called "svchost" ..whats that?
  8. 5 isn't an issue.

    Run the earlier mentioned software. Look at using something like enditall to get rid of processes you don't want during trading (you can create a little batch file to kill them).
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