my computer freezes

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ammo, Feb 19, 2009.

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    my hp laptop occassionally freezes,about a 3rd of the time for last week,if i'm on an et page and i go to change to home or your account or backpage,it freezes for a mnute and then works,or it stays that way and i hit cancel and it says program not respponding ,exit now box comes up,i used spybot and got rid of a few bugs but the problem is still there,the memory is only 1250 ,maybe its full,any advice?
  2. I use a HP laptop too. Model dv9730us. Bought March 2008.

    Last month the laptop had random lockups (and disk problems). I could feel that the bottom of the laptop (on my lap, literally) got hotter than usual. I noticed it. Fry's sent it back to HP. It was said they had to replace the motherboard and the disk drive. I suspect that a fan or something got blown.

    This was the second time it was in service. I had disk drive problem (and again a replacement of the disk drive) last September.

    So far I am not having high confidence on the HP laptops. I have been doing regular backups religiously, sometimes twice a day.
  3. go to the power settings and tell it never to turn off hard disks.

    This will use up your battery quicker, but you won't occasionally have to wait 15 seconds for the hard disk to spin up.
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    Get a thinkpad. Hp laptops aren't designed for anything serious.
  5. I would upgrade memory
  6. +1

    I've purchased a couple in the past year, one for the daughter of a friend who's studying here. She was having a few problems last week (no doubt due to her constant downloading of movies and her failure to do basic maintenance), and we simply reformatted/reinstalled XP from the Rescue and Recovery partition. Literally a one touch process. At the beginning of the year, I asked her to keep all her important documents on an external and this made the process simple.

    Lenovo guys did ask about the condition of her battery so if you eliminate that, you can try a reinstall. Only drag is that you have to spend some time reinstalling your apps, but it's less time that you will spend futzing around with your rig trying to get it to work.

    By the way, Lenovo support was excellent, a few rings every time we called and no problem spending time with us on the phone.

    What OS are you running? Please don't say Vista with that much RAM. One way or another you should have 2 GB of RAM minimum.