My collegue farted and I lost $10K

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by virtualmoney, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. I was going to close a position in a winning
    instrument in my portfolio table.

    Just then my collegue walk up behind me and asked me
    whether I wanted dougnuts.

    I must have clicked on a losing instrument and had the mouse pointed on the "close position" button. When I wanted to
    check again before pressing the mouse, she farted...a loud one.

    I lost control and click on the mouse.

    Have you experience similar situation? Please share what happened?

  2. Sounds like my wife.
  3. katesdp


    Clicking of the mouse has the same effect as pulling one's finger nowadays.
  4. ElCubano


    when i was prop there was this cuban kid who would burp and fart all day long...he sat in a herman miller and on top of a doughnut it was instant smell.....:D
  5. Virtual Money,

    Is your female colleague hot?

    I love hot chicks that fart !!!

    Sexxxyyy !:D
  6. Hey, do you guys work at an IB or a hedge fund?

    Will the "fart trade" be part of your performance review?

    Or hers ??
  7. Was the fart at 10 or 20 to 1 leverage?
  8. a 100X leverage, it was an FX position in eur/usd.

    which brings up the question:

    Is it better to trade at home or at a propfirm/company?
    without losing concentration.