My coach only trades on SIM

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  1. I've noticed many "gurus" really only trade on SIM, make it clear that the results are hypothetical, and yet continue to ask for my money.

    is it even possible to learn from someone who only trades on SIM via chat room?

    talk about no emotions.
  2. ever think about why they trade on SIM?
  3. the1


    That's actually pretty funny. I don't think you need anyone here to answer that question.
  4. LOL

    +1 thread. :p
  5. I saw a guru once talk about how much money he made, and by accident moved his level 2 to show the big "simulated" title up top...

    yea, he then stopped talking about the "money" he made.


    i really think I know of seven "gurus" that are frauds.

    honestly, I know for a fact I could sucker people in and sell crap based off SIM..

    one guy said "it doesn't matter if i trade on SIM, since you can't get the exact results as me anyhow"

    he then asks for $995 for his system.

  6. Speaking of Guru's.

    If they do trade with real money,how many of them front run their own room.
  7. you got taken seven times by gurus? so who is the imbecile here?



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  9. i really think I know of seven "gurus" that are frauds.


    None of these gurus got my money.

    I know "of" them....

    Like I know them and I know they are frauds.

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  10. ET-trolls are too stupid for words. This place sure has declined since the time I first joined in 2000. Baron should be concerned about this chart;

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