My Christmas gift for ETers

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Pekelo, Dec 20, 2006.

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  2. And a mighty fine gift it is, too.:)

    Now, if i could figure out how to print the damn things, with the weird sizing, most of my xmas gifts taken care of..........
  3. Haven't checked out Playboy/Penthouse in a long time, but it is great to see that they still put a premium on natural vs. silicone. Nothing is more of a turn off than silicone, IMO.

    There are a couple in there, in recent years, that may be enhanced but generally they seem to be natural.
  4. Yeah, true enough.
    But you have to say, the changes in taste, hairstyles, you name it are a true phenomena, over time.
    In 20 years, will we look back and say "damn, those 2000's women werent so great"?
    A babe is a babe, i think its simple enough, and a testament to the good sense of people that these magazines have been around for so long, or were started in the first place.

    Long live Larry Flint, and stuff the prudes, they can cram it.

    thanx, Mr Pekolo:)
  5. Pekalo, for this I forgive you for your past infractions.

    Rennick out
  6. On that note, miss december 1997 was'nt and perhaps still isnt, too shabby by any measure.
  7. Interesting you should say that. "A couple"... have to disagree strongly. To my eye, nearly all the Playmates - the vast majority, with few possible exceptions -- over the last 10-15 years have obviously been surgically ruined, I mean, enhanced, up top. Not to mention at least half the celebs, have-beens and never-beens... or maybe you think Cindy "most-downloadable-my-ass" Margolis is all natural, too? (And I don't mean just up top.)

    No natural breasts suddenly sprout from the chest in a HALF a grapefruit / melon / whatever tropical fruit shape. What the hell were they thinking? Peruse the above link and see for yourself. It's positively depressing.
  8. Hmmm... well, of course there are clear differences between the girls from the '60s and '70s and the recent ones, but Playboy has a larger pool from which to draw today, thus they have more access to naturally big girls.

    Maybe I'm basing my comments on my vast experience ( :) :) )with a ton of different women, garnered over the past xx years as a musician, with several of the early years (1980s) being spent out on the road in a different bar every week where getting laid was as easy as falling out of bed - often (and I am not kidding here) it would be 2 every week in the same town (btw... it's amazing what women will do when they know you'll be leaving in three days and out of their hair forever, like sleep with the guy her friend has just slept with - by mutual agreement). I have seen plenty of women with natural breasts that look like that. Silicon jobs are always circular looking, in my experience. They also have that veiny look, which would of course be hidden by make-up in these shots.

    You're probably right in that more than I figured were enhanced. And we also agree that it's positively depressing. Give me a natural handful any day over those DuPont products.
  9. Oh no, the secret's out! :p

    Good advice. Being a gigging musician probably doesn't hurt, either.