my buy stops: your criticisms solicited

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by billyjoerob, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. ACAS 6.14
    ASPS 28.90
    ATPG 12.55
    BBEP 17.66
    CFN 24.86
    KALU 44.44
    KBR 25.44
    KFN 9.14
    MDCA 13.44
    NTZ 3.74 3.80
    PIR 9.17
    SFL 20.88
    VRNM 3.50 3.60
    YHOO 14.44
    SHOO 40.44

    I've posted my current buy list (with buy stops and limit prices, if applicable).

    Here are the charts, via Yahoo.,PIR,9.17,SFL,20.88,VRNM,3.60,3.50,YHOO,14.44

    I've selected stocks that are either in a months long consolidation near a new high (SFL, KFN, KBR, MDCA, ACAS, PIR) or breaking out (BBEP) or bottoming on high volume (NTZ, ATPG, YHOO, VRNM) and about to high new highs.

    Many of these are low volume/obscure, but I'm a small timer. As I look at this list, I'm thinking I should have more ARUNs or APKTs . . . but I have trouble buying stocks that have already broken out.