My Bund trading journal

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    Actually, it's how I trade everything. In an effort to get more consistent, I will post my trades. Here is how I do it:

    I can trade with the trend or a reversal. What happens is I look for a break in trendline that is clear and is supported by a false breakout of another trend in the opposite direction. The intersection of those two lines forms the stop. It should not go through that vertex. The top of the false breakout to the last pivot - that distance forms the first target. The second half is discretionary - when I see a signal that indicates I should take the opposite direction, e.g. After the first target is met, the stop is moved to breakeven. Exceptions to when I take the signal, are when there is some kind of flat or ruler straight trendline that is in the opposite direction I would've taken. Intervals are determined by the volatility of a contract, so ZB would use a 1-min, while AX a 5-min.

    Last week I tried trading a daily chart alongside. Only taking my signal when it supported my contention. Will not be doing that anymore.

    Ok, so those are my rules, so let's see if I can stick to them?