My brother had an aneurysm and I lost my shirt

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  1. It started during sex. He had a sudden and severe “kicked in the head” headache. The next day he went to a walk-in clinic. They prescribed him 50 percosets without batting an eye, gave him a little pat on the head and sent him home. Three days later he went to emergency, where they discovered a dissecting aneurysm, complete with subarachnoid hemorrhaging. Incredibly, he went home alive and well yesterday.

    Not so for my accounts. I was long everything in expectation of a bailout bounce when I got the call. In hindsight perhaps I could have taken the time to liquidate before going to the hospital, but I didn’t. Just packed underwear and a toothbrush and headed to the hospital.

    Today I will be opening them up for the first time. I caught horrific market reports the odd time on the waiting room tv, so I know that it’s going to be ugly. My only idea is to borrow some cash and try to take advantage of a bounce again.

    So what am I asking of you? Advice. I’m new to begin with and now rushing to make up a big loss – recipe for disaster. Perhaps I should just switch to papertrading until I’m at the point where I don’t need to ask for help from strangers, but it feels like an opportunity is here. I trade stocks only. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Good luck to your brother, something similar happen to me and i'm back 100%.

    Back to trading, we're you using a stop lost?
  3. You had sex with your brother??? :p
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  5. Did you have to battle depression afterwards? PM me when you have time (after the markets close maybe?).

    Sadly no, to the stop loss. I do not yet use them religiously. I've been bounced out on volatility in the past but I guess this is the lesson I needed.
  6. Why should Angelina Jolie hold a monopoly on brotherly affection? :)

    Gotta take it easy though. Still feel like too much joking around will jynx things.
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    Always look at the bright side, YOU are healthy. I would rather take a whipe out than an aneurysm. As long as your health is OK, you can always make money.
    Also learn a lesson and don't do the same mistake twice...
  8. So, you're long at about 1150 (I think you trade ES if I remember right)? The days are blurring together for me as to what news happened which day when I look at the charts.

    And at what point would you start getting liquidated?
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    You do actually have sex with your brother?

    I'm not trying to be funny. Not sure if you're just trolling for laughs either.
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