My Brother Blew >$1 Million

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  1. Funny, when people mention that Kenyan's are the best long distance runners in the world, its not racist because its something positive.

    But if you mention a bad correlation, its automatically racist. :eek:

    This PC shit sucks
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  2. The china man is the human version of the ferengi. Others should trade with them knowing full well that somehow, somewhere, they'll be getting the short end of the stick.

    Stealing others copyrights and producing fake goods to be sold as the real thing is reprehensible.

    In Chinese culture, screwing a foreign company and getting away with it is seen as a great accomplishment amongst the business peers. The entire political hierarchy is one large criminal organization whose members or close relatives are involved in thievery of all sorts of products and trademarks.
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  3. Damn, I read that as head and shoulders. You know, a kind of flathead. Like Zork. So I shorted. Shit.
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  4. jj90


    I don't see what's wrong with maximizing your gains. Everybody is out to do that. Funny you say trade with them and get shafted, when in trading the only thing we are out to do is to shaft others for our own personal gain.

    So they reverse engineered your products and are undercutting you. I believe that is called business. Would there be a complain the if Sudanese started doing this? Or the Mexicans?

    Screwing ANY foreigner is seen as an accomplishment in China. However this has less to do with it being a set goal than revenge for the political situation in China's history being dominated in the 1900s by foreign powers.

    You might actually want to spend some time with the Chinese community to actually learn how shit works in Chinese society. Making blanket statements about all Chinese worldwide because you had 1 bad encounter doesn't make it true. I could say all whites stink because I met 1 that stank, but that is as ridiculous as the points you are making
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