my broker is standing on a ledge......

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  1. he wants to jump but is afraid he might not die and his firm will fire him for telling everone to go long with both hands today. he's now hanging on a ledge.
  2. wow; he just jumped and landed safely on some obese woman eating a bucket of chicke, now he's out of a job for sure.
  3. Is the woman still alive?
  4. Is he Cramer. He said go all in on financials at the very peak today!

    Wonder how many bagholders took it hook line and sinker.

    How's Maria working out? Is she game for the Donkey Show?
  5. i just talked to my contacts and they are telling me that they are at a bar with maria and about to drug her with rufee's; so i guess we are going to be filming in mexico.
    p.s.bring plenty of condoms. the one's in mexico are fake.
  6. LOL! Lambskin all the way!
  7. screw it,i'm just gonna bring antibiotics. by the way,i know a guy down there names miguel who owns a donkey and makes 5 bucks a week. i will offer him 50 bucks to carry some hair talc across the border. about 10 kilo's if you know what i mean.
  8. Im not touching this conversation with a ten foot pole but Maria can swing around a stripper pole for me anytime.
  9. hopefully that fat woman was day7793
  10. Are you serious? None of you have seen her without a desk in front of her have you. She is FAT, take a look at her on that late night show, I think its leno or something. From how long the dent took to refill after she left the couch I would say her weight is at least 160 pounds.

    Erin Burnett on the other hand I wouldnt mind seeing on a stripper pole.
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