My broker allow sell stocks that i dont have (is not a short sale) - can brokers create stocks ?

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  1. Can brokers criate stocks that dont exist ?
  2. I have a cash account, so is not a short sale
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    Wow. Just wow. If I remember the basics, selling a stock you do not have is called a short sale. But what do I know, I trade futures. So I could be wrong on that.
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    You can't short in a cash account and brokers can't create shares. If you had a margin account and sold short, they would borrow shares from another client or another broker to make delivery of the share you sold but did not own.
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    Why can't you short a stock in a cash account? If you have $100,000 cash in an account, you could not short 100 shares of a stock at, I dunno, $50 bux?
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  7. Is it called Naked Shorting?
  8. Yes. I have accounts with 5 more brokers and none of them allow it. I am very surprised

    I just send a order to test

    I don't know what would happen if I failed to get the shares before settlement date
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  9. Yes, I can.

    I sent the order and it appeared at level 2

    Brokers can sell shares that they do not own, but they must deliver until the settlement date.

    I have accounts with 5 more brokers and none of them allow it. I am very surprised
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    I’m not sure how to reconcile your comment. You sent an order when the markets closed in one statement, And claim to see it in a level to display and another one said that none of them allow you to do it. If you’re using a US broker dealer, shorting is simply not allowed in a cash account, just that simple. I’m not sure what benefit you get from five cash accounts.