my brain is cool

Discussion in 'Politics' started by FRuiTY PeBBLe, May 26, 2003.

  1. i've always wondered why i am just so god damn amazing. rofl...

    check out these brain links and think about yourself... learning/hemispheres/brain index.htm learning/hemispheres/rightbrain_leftbrain_quiz.htm

    so, i took the left/right brain quiz.... both the left and right tied with 5 each. when i think about myself, i am a definite mix of the two.

    right brain = i am the biggest music person you will ever come in contact with. i play guitar, bass, and drums. i've been really good with art/drawing throughout my whole life.

    left brain = i am very logical. if it doesn't make sense, i basically don't care about it. no religion for me, folks. also, FRuiTY is a big supporter of science.

    so there you have it.... i am a mental powerhouse. i am balanced, but each side is very strong. no weak brain side here!

  2. Interesting sites, Brother Fruity... my brain is cool too...