My boy is back!

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  1. Hey EP, I don't remember you being so full of anger at all. It's not like you!

    Waxie is a long standing joke among long-time ET members (After all, he rules the motherfucking markets!). EQT wasn't making a serious endorsement at all, just reviving an old joke.

    Here's a classic post from four years ago, about what goes on in his waxieness' chatroom:


    Does waxie front run?
    He claims that that is not his intention...but it happens.
    If he says that it doesn't happen, he is telling a fib. And I'm not talking fibonacci....

    Now before you get excited, this is how it works...When he plays a low volume stock, he tells his members in the chat not to run it up or he will sell it to them.....
    full disclosure, so I guess that makes it ok?

    looks a little something like this.....
    Here is a little one
    Do not run it up
    or I will
    sell it to you.
    I swear
    if it runs more
    than 25 cents
    I will sell it to you
    I have 500,000 shares
    but vvaxie, I bought the last one and I am still holding it when will it go up, Im down 3k.
    freak me people!
    I sold that one
    two weeks ago
    You still holding it
    You suck
    teeny, kick dumbass
    but right when you started selling you hundreds of thousands of shares that created an avalanche and I couldn't get out!
    You should have
    Freak ME!
    Ugly, kick dumbass!
    She's never here
    When I need her
    to brainwash the newbies
    I grew up in the streets
    Freak me!
    Help a mother help a child!
    freak me!
    I give and give and give
    I make you losers give
    and what do I get?
    I show you
    I take rest of day off
    I english major
    I write new book
    People starving in Afganistan
    and you guys talking
    about loser stock
    You pray to god
    god no have
    time for you
    pray to me
    freak me
    Abby freakin conehead
    How is she doing?
    She's making more money
    than me
    but not
    You are in the presents
    of greatness
    vvaxie, you didn't spell that right
    Im Englesh major!
    What was your minor?
    There is nothing minor
    about MEEEE!!!!
    Dustin Hoffman loves me
    I paid him 10k
    He loves me!

    and now waxies thoughts......


    Dudes we are going lower
    We might go higher, but I say we go lower.
    Who knows, but I been right so far.
    How we doing?
    WHO"S your daddy?
    We called the internets death when nobody and I mean nobody else did.
    We called nasdaq death and nobody else did.
    I told everyone we would go down.
    Nobody listened to me.
    I rule the freakin markets

    If you don't have my book then you're a loser!


    See ya on the other side (That means he'll be rich and you'll be just kidding, seriously that means he's reached his dreams and when you do too, he will see you there..what a nice guy)

    Anyway, as long as waxie can pull in the suckers, more power to him. That's the American way.

    Don't hate him cause he's pulling it off.
    Laugh with him.

    Remember the eturd boards?
    He admitted that this is all an act.
    That the people want a crazy person.
    The people wanted Clinton too.

    If you get suckered in by this act, then you are one step above his suckers. You don't pay for it.

    Now waxie means well cause part of him believes the crap he says. But the other part of him thinks, "Must keep this up, make the kachingos baby!"

    There are almost as many, if not more, people who dislike waxie.
    The more popular he becomes, the more suckers he can suck in. Will he run out of suckers?
    He himself hasbeen quoted as saying there's a sucker born every day. (I know it is "every minute" but that's waxie's quote)

    So again, laugh with him and at his suckers. Not at him.
    Waxie is a great pimp who is marketing himself very well. He's pimping himself.
    Madonna did it.
    P' diddy does it.

    Waxie is an actor and the world is his stage.
    You guys are just critics.


    :D :D :D
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  2. Thank you RM

    at least someone gets it... :)
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  3. EPrado


    Hey RM

    Me angry...nah.....this eqt trader guy clogs up other threads with hs bs so I decided to call him out.....his initial post didnt seem sarcastic so I ripped on him...thought he actually was a fan of this waxie dirtbag...

    But not angry at all....just busting on him.....

    I've probably been posting too much...but with the lack of volatility in the mkt I have to find something to do with my time....

    The weather looks great in your neck of the woods....thats one thing I dont miss about my former home...

    Hope all is well
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  4. don't know about waxie but i heard you can make millions by placing tiny classified ads from your one bedroom apartment
    #54     Dec 13, 2006
  5. hcour

    hcour Guest

    I think it was blindingly obvious to most of us that it was a sarcastic joke.

    So you're not really the one in this thread who looks foolish.

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  6. I was a member in the Trendfund room back in 99-01'. Waxie did a great job calling the market long and short. But 99-01' was a great market. I wouldn't pay whatever he is charging now. I don't think he is even in the room anymore.

    I do subscribe to Dan Zanger's newsletter. For $69 a month you can't beat it. Def. worth the money imo.
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  7. i still see it there...but maybe 'cause my mac cached it.
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  8. The May 13th is still there.
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  9. thorn


    Funny how all of the upcoming seminars are 1 day events.
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