My boy is back!

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  1. u said he boy; u got any affiliation of some sort with him?
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  2. Is there a "buy it now" option? lol
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  3. MikeN


    Hello All,

    Since he is offering some of his training material for free, I thought I'd ask the folks at his Web site about the apparent discrepancy. Here's my EMail and the response I received (I've edited out the responder's name:

    Sent: Tuesday, December 12, 2006 6:24 PM

    Before I order you "free" materials I have one concern. On your Web site you made the following statement:

    "On May 13, 2006, I traded LIVE at the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas in front 100+ clients. I made over $139,000 that day. That's real money, not some simulated trading portfolio."

    As was pointed out on at least one news forum, May 13th is a Saturday.

    Assuming you were trading US markets, how did you trade live?

    Thanks. I'll post your answer back to the news forum so that the record can be set straight.



    That was a LIVE 3 day workshop, Sat, Sun and Mon. The LIVE trading day Michael made that moneywas on Monday for that workshop.

    [name edited out]

    The response sounds reasonable to me. I'll order the materials and check them out.
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  4. At this point who cares if he made the money or not, I am nominating EL Prado for awesome takedown of the month, maybe even the year! This one is for you El Prado!!
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  5. This is just a copycat. He took the idea from my website where I discussed on how on Thanksgiving, I traded my Turkey Indicator and nailed 15 ES points and $155,000 before the Lions game was over...
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  6. i dont buy that crap; he said he traded live ON the 13th...that means he said he traded on saturday. i still think this guy lied trough his teeth and was completely careless or better a complete idiot.
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  7. it was just a joke...

    calm down

    he is not my boy...

    Just posted this as I thought it would be a funny thread and everyone would get a kick that ol' Waxie is back:D
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  8. Wax*e is a succesful movie producer with at least one hit film-- fact is losers, Wa@ie kicks ass and is highly successfull in hollywould and wallstreet.

    Why do you l


    hate him

    so much?ji97090w7123439fhdgbcg7^%675!!!27698'kdd,mvjw.amn
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  9. It is only 6.95 shipping for the DVD and book and free cost... Let me guess, you get the first 4 pages of the book only and it is $400 for the rest of the book......
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  10. REDDEC


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