My boy is back!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by EqtTrdr, Dec 12, 2006.

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    Glad you liked....just calling em like I see em.....
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  2. Thank you for the laughs guys....

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    Just to make sure the idiot doesnt delete the post....


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    yes baby!


    " On May 13, 2006, I traded LIVE at the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas in front 100+ clients. I made over $139,000 that day. That's real money, not some simulated trading portfolio."

    who else could do that!!

    Ka freakin chingo $$
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    No takers on adopting eqt trder...


    OK...I am gonna start bidding for one of you to take him off my hands....

    I am 25 dollar bid

    lets see where those offers are......
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  5. "Mock me if you like. "

    "I make more than 10 of you put together on your best day, plus I'm the ugliest bastard on the street."

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    What are you guys complaining about, where else can you get a book and dvd for $6.95? Shipping is probably $2,493.05 though. Sadly, this may be meatier than some of the horseshit I have in my library!!:mad:
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  7. The guy could have made 139,000 that day. He said "he traded live in front of hundred plus clients". He didn't say what he traded. He could have traded his book to his clients for 139,000 dollars.:D
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  8. How much do these guys make a year selling this junk?

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    This charleton makes well over 7 figures pedaling his snake oils.
    He charges over $400 a month for his live chat room and has a few hundred in there. Do the math!
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  10. yes.. I need to forget making a living trading and start selling junk like all these rich snake oil salesman....

    damn.. I am in the wrong end of the
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