My boy is back!

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    Hey EQT Trader,

    Sorry for ripping you on the other thread. Obviously I was off on my judgement. Is this guy a buddy of yours? He is obviously an exceptional trader. He did something that NOBODY could have done.

    "On May 13, 2006, I traded LIVE at the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas in front 100+ clients. I made over $139,000 that day. That's real money, not some simulated trading portfolio"

    Incredible. Why you ask? Well......May 13, 2006 was a FUCKING SATURDAY. The markets were CLOSED. Ergo...HE COULDNT HAVE TRADED LIVE.

    You would think a scam artist trying to sell some bag of magic beans would have the brains to at least put some correct facts in his comments. Ya "I traded LIVE on a day when the markets were actually open".

    Oh yeah....EQT trader.....I thought you were a complete fucking dope on your other apologies to all the dopes in the world. You have lowered the bar to a new level of stupidity.
  2. baahahahahahaha, a SATURDAY? Thats classic
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    I thought I had seen everything......guess not.....

    Then again...anyone dumb enough to fall for a scam like this probably doesnt know the market is shut on Saturdays....
  4. that tool was in the front cover of trader mag last month...check it out.
  5. That is waxy. And he was a great trader. Have not heard anything on him in a while. He made some nice coin on the bidu ipo(first day)
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    It looks like Eprado is your daddy......
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    Fuck that..I am putting him up for adoption right now

    who wants him.....bidding starts at $1.00
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    now that was a an extremely funny post!!!
    :D :D :D :D
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