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  1. Marcell


    I cannot believe an ET moderator is blatantly self-promoting his own blog. It's the same background like yesterday, you fool!
  2. No it is a different background the original was white this is green. This is the economics forum. It is an economics blog the whole point of the forum is to educate and discuss economics so linking it is not something that is bad in fact it should be encouraged for people to post articles and blogs here. There is no way I can make money from the blog apart from my book, which is available for free on the same page. Why is that wrong. If anything you should be thanking me for spending the time writing my work, which is all published.
  3. No problem. Hope you find it useful.
  4. "The aim of the blog"

    You should try and dress this up. Maybe leave out the "aim" and replace it with "intent" or some other synonym. Most people associate "aim" with "object".

    I'd get rid of "blog" also.I don't think the big boys use that word, unless you have a "B: in your name, like "Ben Bernankes Blog"

    Screw it,

    Just call it your "Mission Statement"

    Our mission: to inspire and nurture the economy – one person, one cup of coffee and one country at a time.

    :cool: ...:D ..

    Welll something like that.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I have updated it. Anything else I could do?
  6. You're fast.....
  7. Yeah. I am waiting a reply on an article I wrote. I will post it if it gets published. Noticed the blogs on my site are published elsewhere. This gives me credibility. How many people here publish work? I don't know but I have credibility because of it.
  8. "Risk is the reason the economy is not growing."

    What is interesting is this situation parallels the US, maybe other countries also.

    The corporate excuse is to blame the politics of the Fed and Congress as if, after the election something better will happen on the horizon. (Maybe it will),but that's our excuse. What's yours in the UK?
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