My Bitch List

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tech Analysis, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. I'm in a shitty mood tonight so I figured I'd start a list of life's little things that make my balls itch. Feel free to add to it.

    1 - Website designers who jam the back button on my browser using Javascript. You know, you hit the back button and it's locked into that webpage. You have to use the dropdown history arrow to recover. Bastards!

    2 - RealPlayer and any other application that installs 3rd-party desktop shortcuts for AOL, adds links to my browser's favorites and Links folders, Start Menu items, you name it. Like a disease, you're removing this crap days after you've installed the app. This is MY computer so fuck off.

    3 - Speaking of "My Computer" I'm sick of the My This and My That crap that started with Windows 95. It's so damned juvenile. My ebay, My Fedex etc. People, can't you come up with anything original?? It's one thing for a 2 year old to scream "It's mine" but at 40, I'm sick of it.

    4 - DirecTV's 50-decibel sound premium on their commercials. No matter how low the volume on your TV is, they crank up their in-house ads so damned loud your ears bust.

    5 - How about a simple car or truck anymore? Today's vehicles have electrical systems more complex than the lunar landers NASA took to the moon. Electrical troubles are a ballbreaker to find, usually because they're intermittent. I know people demand more and more features but c'mon folks, do we REALLY need computer-controlled seat heaters??? Just another expensive piece of crud to break 3 and 3/10 miles after the warranty expres.

    That's it for now. Now I feel better :D