My Birthday Prediction 10/20/06

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BenChi, Oct 19, 2006.


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  1. Yes! Birthday Rally.

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  2. No! Birthday October 1987.

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  3. This Man is Clearly Insane.

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  1. BenChi


    I mostly just lurk in these forums, but tomorrow is my 25th birthday, so I have decided to be bold and make a fantastical predictiction for the date of October 20, 2006:

    tomorrow will be an unusually large up day in the NAS and INDU- the markets will gap open in the morning and never look back.

    reason 1: the qqqq appears to have built an inverse head and shoulders with confirmation in the volume. At the close/aftermarket it penetrated the neckline.

    reason 2: market profile seems to confirm that we are ready for a large move in a given direction, since it is my birthday it should probably be up.

    reason 3: the INDU has closed above 12'000 for the first time.

    reason 4: it is my birthday. here is a chart.
  2. Maybe. I just hope you are not right only ....once a year !!!!
  3. You forgot the most important reason. Google had good earnings, but happy birthday anyway.
  4. hope so, wouldn't like to see aapl take a tumble. still, aapl usually goes up even on a weak mkt after good earnings and goog blow out report shud help.