My Big Weener Trade

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  1. OK, guys, this is going to be the most MASSIVE trade I've EVER done - Live.

    If you dare to replicate it (as I will post updates as they're made if they effect the trade) then you'll actually be doing exactly what Coinz, the god of forex, is doing.

    Only difference is, it will be completely up to you to work out your own trade size to account capital ratio per position.

    I'll provide as much here as I can about the trading system.

    This is pure scale. No fancy indicators being used.

    The trade direction: Long.

    Parts I am leaving out are for you to determine based on your own tolerances.

    Trade is set to Heavy Risk level. Not Enormous. Not Extreme. But more than High.

    Indicating you could blow out your account with it. I have this set trade in one of my Live sub-accounts.

    1st position opened @118.73. I'm suspecting it will slam against me 100-pts at once though right now as soon as I opened it it's moved into profit.

    Time duration for this trade is till the end of the year if need be.

    Profit target is above 50% - I may even extend it another year (boosting profits higher) if certain other bases of structural theories they're founded on are near the same as they are now - we'll see.

    Profit is being taken on a scalped basis, meaning, it gets too far on my side I'll nail the money then re-entering an so forth - example: I just scalped 14-pts since opening the trade and re-entered.

    Not really going to set an overall end all TP - at this point it's too early - we'll see which way the winds blow.

    I'm breaking from traditional trading wisdom and committing more units to positions than what is safely advised.

    Further down (in the case it drops against me - and it WILL) I am going to test another structure that is adding more danger to the trade overall moving it as close to the fire as I can without having the whole trade go up in smoke.

    You'll see my first position on the chart snapshot I just took. Look upper right - you'll see the triangle.

    For those of you who choose to enter with me or even in my direction, best of luck to you, just remember, there are strategies I'll be executing in the background that won't be visible to even the most advanced traders. And at this level, USD/JPY has a long way to tumble.

    To those who take the other side... try to kill me. :D

    current = 118.88

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  2. drasfs


    Good luck on your massive trade.

    Been drinking coffee?
  3. thanks, but... Luck has already been built into the trading system structure. :D

  4. Christ. He's back.
  5. Ah, Ivansky, the master forex trader himself! how are things in Poland?

    I really liked your last post on EUR/USD, let's see... ah, here it is, posted by you on 01-23-06 12:08 PM :D

    "... After the break of 1.22, I've turned bullish, following the technicals.... The strength of the technical move... is too hard to ignore."

    Gee, that was when EUR/USD was at 1.2322! Right after your post, the pair tanked straight down to 1.1963 - (where it is now) - that's 350-points down.

    heh. :D

    hey, well, anyway, thanks for your money!! I'm glad there are master traders like you in the forex! :D

    you help guys like me know what to do. :D

  6. A few items of clarification - I need to get out before you "quit ET" for the third time...

    1. I'm in Puerto Rico now. And it's nice here, thanks for asking. I was never in Poland, but Russia.

    2. I was bullish. But as always, I post my position when I take one. Do me a favor and find the position I took when I mentioned I turned bullish. (Psst - hint, I didn't take one). Turning bullish is a viewpoint. Taking a long is...well, taking a long. I know it's confusing, but that's what we real traders do.

    3. Nice screen shot from your demo account. Did you put those stop losses in there last minute? You never use stop losses, right?

    I think your reputation on these forums has pretty much locked in the views of those of us who have been here quite a while. All you can hope to play with now is the newbies. And eventually, they - too - will see you for who you are.

    Big smile!
  7. ha! you apparently didn't read that this USD/JPY trade I posted here is in my LIVE account.

    but if it makes you and others feel better thinking I am trading a demo account, fine. I see no different between them preformance-wise.

    so tell me, Ivansky, you never opened another EUR/USD trade since you posted that you're a staunch euro-bull last month right before the big fall?

    why is that?

    maybe a "real Polish trader" could explain it.

    you're not going to indicate that you made any EUR/USD trades and got any of the 350-pt tumble now are ya? :D

    regarding stopping a loss should I encounter one, as I've said many times, of course, I have structures that address losses.

    That I don't is just another rumor floating around. Pay no attention to them.

    So... what are your trades for the week? any... EURO!... involved? tee hee hee

    come on, give us a tip! :D


  8. Oh look, Ivansky! The trade is welcoming me back!!!

    how could you ask for a better signal pattern chart formation than that....?

    you ever seen anything like that??

    I tell ya it's a beautiful thing. :D


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  9. I didn't make any EUR trades because I've been trading the USD/CAD pair quite regularly. Which all the traders (the real ones, mind you) here can attest to.

    You're so predictable, Skalpz. Just like the EUR run up to 1.36. We never hear one word from you and you vanish completely on upmoves in the Euro. But the moment it takes a downturn, you come back to blare the horns about how you know everything and were right all along, with the occasional snide comment and italics/bold posting style. It's so yawn.

    In reality, all you do is hold out without a stop loss to see how much punishment you can take without blowing up your account, hoping that eventually the tide will turn back in to your favor. That's not trading. That's gambling.
  10. Well, that's sure funny!

    I opened a USD/CAD long at 1.1395 and it's up 61-points as I type this.

    Do any good with USD/CAD?

    Or do you just avoid trading pairs you "turn bullish" on? :D


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