My best play right now FTEK

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  1. Jim Cramer said to buy FTEK when it was at 21.65 and he was not wrong. There is a reverse head and shoulders on the chart. IF, and the key word is IF, the price breaks to 28 then there is a strong possibility it will get to 33.

    My long term price target is in the 40s.

    If your not long at this point then I wouldnt long it until it gets above 28 with volume.

    I know some of you had this stock as a position and got shaken out the maneuvers up and down. However, these manuevers up and down were the reverse head and shoulders playing itself out. We should move higher from here, that is, IF it breaks to 28 with volume.
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  2. Sorry, this is the correct chart.
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  3. Naw, this is the correct chart, even though it's a month old.
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  4. I told you guys, FTEK!!!!
  5. Im still bullish, it will make it to 40.
  6. Dump it and cash in is what I would do on todays gains.

    Cramer actually had that one right...I still hate him for screwing up my CFC short.
  7. I did quite a bit of work on this stock and it will go to 40.
  8. VERY NICE play on that. Can't believe it tacked on back to back big gains. Time t short J/k:p
  9. Im going to re-calculate the target price later, but you have to realize what is happening here. FTEK is in a certain business involving power plants and cleaning them up using a chemical process.

    Any deals or contracts with China will be huge for the company. Lots of power plants in Asia and they are all unreliable. When a power operator wants to clean up their plant, they have to use explosives to get rid of the gunk. Lots of down time for the plant. FTEK uses a chemical system vs. the explosive process.

    The system is patented and no one else has it. There is a chance that it could get bought out by the likes of Dupont.. 40 might be a conservative target and I jest not.
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