My attempt to earn a funded account with TopStep

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  1. Hello EliteTraders,

    This is my journal on my journey to earn a funded account with TopStep.

    I will chronicle shortly -- as I open an account later this month.

    Good luck y'all
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  2. I lost my first evaluation attempt with them today but in the process I learned a lot.

    A few months ago, I decided to quit my job to do this full-time trading that is.

    I have been a swing trader for 20 years with moderate success but lately have realized some very frustrating moves induced by algorithm/automated/HF systems and that has severely affected my trading.

    I think that swing trading is slowly losing it's "technical analysis" edge and nature so I have made the commitment to transition to a day trader trading lower time frames.

    Anyway, I will continue to update this journal as well as my own blog which I recently created to chronicle my progress.

    Good luck y'all!
  3. So why do you think day trading will be any easier?
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    Don't. Either of you. Don't
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  5. Easier? Where in my post did I say that day trading would be easier?

    I am simply doing what successful people in life do....adjust and adapt.

    I don't want to end up like those Chicago pit traders who refused to admit that electronic trading was the wave of the future.

    Trading is not about only having an edge but knowing how to sixth-sense change in trends....that applies to both market trends that affect your trading instrument as well as the industry.
  6. I admire your ability to not trade "what you want" but what you feel you must do to adjust.


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    I hope you do well and not have to work a regular job anymore. I'm doing the same thing with FTMO. They only not let you hold positions over the weekends. TopStep, you have to close all positions at the end of each day.
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    So you went full time without being profitable? I hope you have a lot of money stacked away in your bank account to survive the next few years.
  9. The market (a few fast computers) will transfer the wealth regardless of your condition. You can only hope to be on the right side:

    pic of money.jpg

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    With the advent of the micro emini futures, it makes no sense to throw your "application fee" money away to the likes of TST, et al. Who needs to be "funded"? Sheet. If you can't come up with $5000 expendable cash, trade 1 NQ contract (in your case, 1 micro NQ with $1000 cash) at a cheapy intraday margin place like AMP Futures and grow it, you're toast. But at least you did it without enriching some carrot with a stick vendor.
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