My 5 minute mental snapshot during the trading day waiting for the setup

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  1. My 5 minute mental snapshot during the trading day waiting for the setup

    I wonder what they are saying on ET
    What time is it in Singapore/dubai/Buenos aires/Hawaii right now
    Look at yesterday’s head and shoulders formation
    That time frame is telling me up but this one is kind of telling down – but wait – there is an up signal forming on it – not perfect – but maybe its good
    I wish my girlfriend would stop making so much mental noise because of me ignoring her at this time of the day
    Bored – ill check my email
    Maybe Bernanke is talking again later that I don’t know about and this is not a good time to be looking for a signal
    I’m hungry – wonder what’s for breakfast
    Why do I feel so tired
    Wait the 5 minute is starting to get back into confluence and price is moving fast
    Relax, deep breath, focus – the market is always telling what is happening
    Look at that inverted head and shoulders on the one minute- maybe I shouldn’t have ignored it
    Focus on breath to eliminate this mental chatter and let in the market data.
    That 5 minute chart still doesn’t want to give me a nice pattern
    Got out of bed late and missed that 30 pip move this morning
    Wonder what’s for lunch
    Why is grob so quiet these days?
    Maybe I should trade gold instead – I picked the days low yesterday and it’s really moving these days.
    -Then a minute of total concentration-
    No sugar in my coffee there…and make it a half cup cause i've already had one.
    Where am I going to go out tonight?
    Two hours and price isn’t going anywhere
    Now I’m starting to think it’s either going down again – or its going to happen in 3 or 4 hours time
    I wonder if I can map the ebs and flows of mental chatter like I map price on an indicator.
  2. dont


    My thinking exactly
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    If it's the NZD you are talking about my 5 min mental set up is............ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!
  4. NZD is just a joke - sKaLpZy where are you?
    1 or 2 Yen trades in the morning, 1 or 3 Swissy trades in the afternoon/evening/night/early morning.