My $2,000 Gamble

Discussion in 'Options' started by dpechal, Jan 23, 2012.

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    Hello everyone,

    Just last week I decided to put up a $2000 gamble (Not going to call it investing at all). First a little bit about myself, I trade options about 3 times a month, and have been for a couple of years and have done very we'll. However I decided to take $2000 and rely simply on post from forums, and websites (NOTE: I had $139.14 already in the brokerage account from some time ago). I simply review all of the thoughts and opinions and make my choice... Call options or Put options. The catch is I told myself I would only do 10 Trades with this mind-set and than go bust, or move the profits back to my main brokerage account.

    So for I am 2/2 this year. First GOOG being my biggest contributor followed by EBAY.

    2,000.00 2,139.14

    01/18/2012 21:42:44 Bought 10 EBAY Feb 18 2012 31.0 Call @ 1.01
    -1,035.07 1,104.07

    01/19/2012 16:45:10 Sold 10 EBAY Feb 18 2012 31.0 Call @ 1.57
    1,544.89 2,648.96

    01/19/2012 19:23:53 Bought 2 GOOG Feb 18 2012 600.0 Put @ 10.1
    -2,025.93 623.03

    01/20/2012 15:38:20 Sold 2 GOOG Feb 18 2012 600.0 Put @ 20.9
    4,173.98 4,797.01

    Currently I am +$2,797.01

    I currently have opened up 5 more trades today (23 Jan 12)
    - KSU X4 75 STRIKE CALL OPTIONS @ 1.90
    - TXN X10 33 STRIKE PUT OPTIONS @ .98
    - VMW X3 87.5 STRIKE CALL OPTIONS @ 4.60
    - APA X5 110 STRIKE CALL OPTIONS @ 1.58
    - BAC X5 7 CALL OPTIONS @ 1.22

    Currently for the day I am up $55.00, with TXN my biggest gain with +$110.00 and APA second for a +$100.00 gain.

    However my loses include VMW -$120.00 and BAC -45.00

    Today I expect to see fireworks!! I hope you all are on my side. With all of these trades, this puts my count up to 7 of 10 total trades. My future trades will include NFLX, AAPL, and the last one I am unsure as of right now. I hope you all follow me for the action this week! I know it has been fun for me win or lose!

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    Hello everyone,

    We'll I lost on KSU, and TXN yesterday. However I will see a gain from VMW yesterday as they had a little pop AH trading. I am expecting a loss of -$700 today.

    I still have 3 trades left this week, with AAPL and NFLX being two of the three. I will keep you all updated when market opens w/ realized gain / loss on my options.

    I am however, planning on keeping my KSU CALLS due to the fact that they had a good Q42010 report, even though the stock did not react as I would of liked I see it having some up potential to finish this week (Note: Dont plan on holding past Friday, but not selling today (Tue.)).

    TXN really pissed me off, I was hoping for a negative outlook in AH, however this was not the case. Hopefully the stock will slightly correct after market opens today, and I can make back some of my losses.

    VMW closed @ $86.xx AH it was up to $90.xx I am hoping for a slight run up to further my profit after AH.

    I am not upset with my trades so far, but hoping to nail it today. Good luck to everyone who is playing NFLX / AAPL options, I will post my trades today, before market close.
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    Quick update I got out of VMW @ 5.5 and TXN @ 1.00.

    KSU is killing me down 80% for the Call Options, however it has time to recover till exp. date. Narrowing my losses hopefully.

    Still at work currently, and will do more research for trades tonight.

    Good Luck everyone.