My 1st day trading futures

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cashmoney69, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. made 500.00 trading the YM. Awesome market. (paper trading)
  2. the chart (3min)
  3. I also am getting into the YM futures. Do you set stops? If so how far back?
  4. Exchange = TTSIM :eek:
  5. dude, its his FIRST day. Nice work Cash but seriously forex-forex do you think that its a good idea to try and learn from someone brand new? No offense to cash but its possible he got lucky today,not saying he did of course, but one days worth of data is pretty darn small.

  6. um, why did you not disclose this is paper trading?

  7. lol
  8. I trade using Xtrader too (through Velocity). If you SIM through Velocity, the market is actually much slower on the SIM than the actual real market. Take a look for yourself, the real market is flat out faster. Guys at Velocity said their SIM is just for learning functionality of the keys/buttons and is not for emulating the actual market, FYI

  9. ok I made the changes letting people know it was paper...but it was still done off live data. What are typical commissions for ym trades?..i didnt take this into account, but still amazing for a 1st timer :)
  10. well in that case, I don't know if I'd be able to handle the real thing :eek: least nothing more than 2 contracts.
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