MXIM not avail to short at IB

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by u130747, Nov 5, 2002.

  1. u130747


    MXIM not avail.

  2. Bob111


    same old bst.......sick and tired of it.
    something going on. sometimes -it get av. in next hour........
  3. this is getting weird, I just shorted MXIM yesterday, MBtrading here I come, they have a new per share pricing program and infinitely better software
  4. Eldredge


    I can deal with a certain number of technical difficulties, but not being able to short liquid stocks is something I can't work around. I hope they solve this problem soon, or a lot of us will probably have to start looking for someplace where we can get shorts.
  5. flea


    I can't see anything on their wesite about ths, Where did you see it?
  6. u130747


    Under Trading information. Bottom item is shortable stocks.

  7. Full page advert in december active trader mag. $3 min ticket charge, 1st 500 shares 1.25 cents inclusive of ecn fees, 501-1000 1 cent, 1001-2000 0.75 cents, over 2000 0.5 cent.
  8. Just enter a limit far away from the current ask?
  9. trader3


    Do you have a link to their website?
  10. I called MB earlier. The advert is ahead of schedule a bit they said. Per share is starting in December. Web site doesn't say anything about it yet. I was told to keep watching the web site to be updated.
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