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    MWH0-WH0. What do guys think? I'm long at 3 1/4 over Chi...
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    This Spread likes me a huge and possibly this moment is the only Spread that i watch very close...

    Compare the Superior Hard Red Spring Wheat of the Minneapolis Grain Exchange against the Soft Red Winter Wheat of the Chicago Board of Trade.

    Always, likes me the position that you have create, meaning Long to the Superior Hard Red Spring Wheat and Short to the Soft Red Winter Wheat.

    The recent period this Spread have drop a huge.

    The Regular Spread Price for that is around to 100 possibly, at least for the last Years.

    In the Year 2008 had make the mythical Number in Spread Price of the 1290.50 and now is in the Field of Spread Price of 4.25 !

    If you ask me what i believe, i will tell you that possibly can drop that Spread and below 0 into a Negative Spread Price territory the near Future for some period, because of the strange Weather that affect the Soft Red Winter Wheat Regions.

    So, need a special attention with very discipline Stops from your Side for to avoid bad things.

    The Volatility of this Spread Price is exteremely high.

    If we suppose that is now is in the Spread Price Field of 4.25 and goes for example to 12, that means a percentage change in Price Spread of 182.35% !

    It is a huge change !

    Worth to someone at least to watch this Spread for trading opportunities.

    From my Side i want to wish you Good Luck in your Trading with that.


    George Kanellopoulos.