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  1. I am examining Mueller Water Products, Inc. stock symbol MWA. I observe stock price greater than the price range of about 12 months. I observe (data from and that the entire public trading history of MWA stock is about 12 months.

    Some traders might interpret the MWA chart pattern as a price breakout on increasing volume from an extended trading range.

    I remember reading at and that Mueller Water Products, Inc. is in what I call the fire hydrant business. I do not recall reading about the fire hydrant business previously. Fire hydrants can not be moved to the other side of the world. I suspect maintenance of fire hydrants is difficult to outsource to foreign companies.

    I recall reading at that as of September 30, 2006, the Company maintained approximately three million fire hydrants and approximately nine million iron gate valves.

    I interpret Mueller Water Products, Inc. income and equity growth as stable.

    I do not own MWA stock, nor do I intend to. I choose to use a mechanical trading system that trades a defined list of securities.

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    Fire hydrant maintenance might be a growth opportunity for long term traders.
  2. Maybe, but I will give you 10-1 odds it opens down substantially