Mutual ignore feature! :)

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Pekelo, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. Pekelo


    For love, peace, tenderness and happiness, I invented the Mutual Ignore Button for moderators. It works in a very simple way:

    When 2 posters bitch about each other constatly (and rather childisly), moderators just push the MIB and from that point, they can't see each other's posts, thus peace would return and we can go back to our old business, making money.

    I know, it is not very democratic, but how do you make peace among so many children???
  2. been there done that.. got the teeshirt.
  3. Pekelo


    Then how come that 3 out of the last 5 threads in this section (not counting this one) is a complaint titled like this:

    Baron, please help, somebody called me a moron???

    It is worse than a bunch of children playing in a sandbox.... :(

    But I definiatelly want one of those T-shirts!!!!
  4. Joe


    Done. I sent you a PM, I just need your size and address. :D

    There are a number of reasons why this wouldn't work. The main reason, is that people want what they can't have. In this case people would want to see what has been restricted to them, so they would set up a multiple alias. Then they would go and look for posts from the person they were having problems with and get into arguments again. Little do they know that we have the ability to find out who has a multiple alias, and those people will be dealt with accordingly.
  5. patoo


    Not if I use multiple computers, ISP's and IP's you don't :D
  6. Joe


    Ha ha, It's funny that you should say that, a member said the exact same thing to me last week, his user name was gramps. He was banned once I looked up his account. Your right though sometimes its tuff for us to find out if you have a multiple alias. I told gramps that if he ever started using multiple aliases again, that he would get an IP ban, which would block every access point that he had in California, his day job was working in the computer & software field so he knew what I was talking about.
  7. patoo



    what I was really saying was......

    This website is very interesting to me. I like it. But when the flaming starts, I get pissed. It usually destroys the tread.

    I just can't believe that samson77, steve46, rubberbird, nitro, dbphoenix, waggie945, lilduckling, apexcapital, et al

    are not connected in some way and I wish that you could block them effectively.