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  1. Is investing in Mutual funds worthwhile? IB offers about 1800 funds. I would like to put some money in these funds , but donot know how to select any fund. Are there any guidelines about selecting these funds.

    Any information will be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. %% Yes 10 year track record helps;; if 20% beat the benchmark[SPY/S& P 500] Exspence are about the same. check them anyway................................................
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    This is the wrong forum for mutual fund investing. There are many better forums for long term fund advice.

    My $0.02 is buy only no-load funds. Scottrade has a massive list for no-transaction fee mutual funds (NFT). That's where I do the bulk of my mutual fund trading.
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    I think there was a guy in Market Wizards who made his millions with NTF Fidelity Select Funds.
  5. I would like to invest in mutual funds or ETF in UK under ISA . The personal allowance is £15000. ISA can be transferred from one provider to another. This is all tax free.. Any suggestion for UK ? Thanks
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    If your investing rather than trading, look up the rating of the funds.

    I don't know their reputation the UK. But, their methodologies are highly regarded in the US. Excellent educational content, too.