Mutual Fund section?

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  1. I realize this is not elite "investor" and mutual funds aren't actively traded as most other instruments, but they're still tied to the same underlying assets.

    It'd be nice to share some knowledge on passively managed money makers.
  2. If it was up to me, my site, I'd just 100% purely focus on the Trader aspect of Elite o_O -- and drop everything else.

    I feel like eating beef ribs and chocolate cake....High-Five`
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    Never traded a mutual fund with begin day and end day nav as enter and close.
    Does IB offer trading these for cheap ?
    I thought that a mutual fund company like Fidelity restricts trading frequency. A few trades per
    year or something like that.
    With all the etfs available.....why consider this unless long term position trading or investing.
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    And I thought you would expand and add both an art and a science forum.
  5. There's restriction on trading (I want to say 90 days). Mostly for the bolded.
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    'Southeast Ohio riverfront , manufactured housing' isnt something I would hold for 90 days. Well, its been on a tear lately but so is the etf XHB.
    Trade offs I guess. Specificity vs. liquidity.